Gabby Schmitt

Gabrielle Schmitt
“My Reading Corner”
Studio Art Major

A book feels like holding another universe in the palm of your hands. I get this nervous and excited feeling of starting and ending a book because I never want it to end. A sense of control comes over me while I read because there is nothing holding me back from what is between the pages. Each page crinkles under my fingertips while my eyes hunger for the next words to come. I want the words to take me out of the reality we live in and into a world full of adventure.
I am trying to capture what it feels like when I read a book. All of my prints are inspired by real books that I have read over and over. My print titles are after books that I have read. Books transformed my world when I needed a place to go. I want the viewer to feel like they are walking into a book. That is why I created a map desk and chair to go in my reading corner.
I chose printmaking as my main medium, specifically relief printmaking, because the tactile cutting also requires me to focus in the same way as reading. The process of printmaking allows me to use all kinds of different media, from drawing, to mixing color, to carving and printing. Creating this atmosphere of active thought and movement. Each step is a work of art even before the final piece is finished. It is also a nod to the original printed book production and book plates.
As a kid I loved reading in odd corners of my house like under my bed or in my closet. Over time that creativeness went away as I grew up and I began to face the reality that fictional books were just a fake place for someone to feel like they were someone else for a few hours. I do not want that, to others it may be childish, but I believe that as cheesy as this sounds you can be whoever you want to be. We may be limited that I am not an alien or a princess, but the whole idea of a book giving me a chance to be that alien or princess puts a smile on my face because we all have our inner child. Whether it is sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction there is a place for everyone in a book and in my reading corner.